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The New JumpList API for Windows 10 Universal App

Recently, the JumpList API for UWP app has been released:

UWP-JumplistSee Jump list customization sample:

The sample shows the following techniques:

  • Disable the jump list.
  • Create a jump list based on Recent or Frequent items.
  • Adding tasks to the jump list.
  • Creating groups of items in a jump list.
  • Perform an action when a jump list item is activated by the user.

Notice that not all platforms support this API. We can check if we can skip saving your custom jump list content. On unsupported platforms, save does not do anything and the API will always load a default empty jump list.

Use this method to check if the platform is supported

User Script – Damai Enable Ticket

Recently, I wrote a user script to enable disabled ticket for Damai site, you can simply enable all disabled ticket items in a Damai page:

1. Install Script Extension for your Web Browser

2. Open a page, for example:

3. Click the “显示隐藏票” hyperlink below the navbar


4. Enjoy it!


Download it from GreasyFork


  • 1. 这个脚本只适用于电脑
  • 2. 如果使用Chrome浏览器,需要先安装Tampermonkey,Firefox需要安装Greasemonkey(博文第一步有链接)
  • 3. 访问 网页链接 安装脚本
  • 4. 这个脚本仅对预售开启前的页面有实际效果,如果过了好久的预售,提交了也是没有票的
  • 5. 之后会根据情况更新功能

Two Things You Need to Know About Microsoft Advertising SDK in WinRT

The Microsoft Advertising SDKs allow developers to show ads in their apps (Windows Phone/Windows Store apps). With these SDKs developers can create apps that present a rich and engaging advertising experience for their users.
Microsoft has pointed out some known issues in MSDN document:
Known Issues – Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone:
Known Issues – AdControl for Windows 8.1:

Recently, we have got some feedbacks from our customers, this article will describe two things which not be clearly mentioned in the above two documents.

1. The page navigating will stop working in C++ Hub App after adding the Microsoft Advertising AdControl

A customer created a C++ HUB demo using VS template and added ADControl, he encountered a weird issue when navigating to other page with this exception:

Microsoft C++ exception: Platform::FailureException ^ at memory location 0x0140E560. HRESULT:0×80004005 Unspecified error

It will cause app crashing. This issue does not exist in C#/ Hub app

The most likely explanation is mentioned in the “Known Issues – AdControl for Windows 8.1” document:

No Native Support: The current Ad SDK does support .NET C++ (managed C++ using the CLR). The AdControl loads the CLR and uses managed C++. Fully native support is planned for a future release — there is no release ETA.

The workaround is just setting Window::Current::Content directly instead of using Frame->Navigate method

2. “OcrEngine is not registered” exception when creating a new OcrEngine instance

(1) Download the official Microsoft OCR Library Sample(C# version):

(2) In Visual Studio, select PROJECT | Manage NuGet Packages. In the Online section, select Search for Microsoft.Windows.Ocr. Click Install.

(3) Add reference to “Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 8.1 (XAML)” and set Windows Phone as the Start project

(4) Add Try Catch structure outside of this line: ocrEngine = new OcrEngine(OcrLanguage.English); in the Scenario1_ExtractTest.xaml.cs file
Like this:

       ocrEngine = new OcrEngine(OcrLanguage.English);
}catch(Exception ex)
       Debug.WriteLine(ex.Message); //Add break point at here

(5) Start debugging on the emulator, everything will be fine

(6) Now debug on the real device, click on scenario select button, you will see the error message:

This issue is not caused by the Advertising SDK, an expert from Microsoft OCR Team has pointed out that it seems like classes are not being pulled out of the winmd file for insertion into the final .appxmanifest file. It looks like a known issue with VS 2013 Update 4 that should be fixed with Update 5.

The workaround is to add extension entry for OcrEngine class manually to the .appxmanifest file:

        <Extension Category="windows.activatableClass.inProcessServer">
                <ActivatableClass ActivatableClassId="WindowsPreview.Media.Ocr.OcrEngine" ThreadingModel="both" />

TAYLOR艺术馆助手V1.9 Release



1. .NET版本提升至4.5,V1.9版本开始不支持XP,XP以上版本如果不能运行,请安装 .NET Framework 4.5

2. 全新UI(Metro-style)
点击标题栏 设置 打开右侧面板:


3. 启动界面随机更换,如果有好的Banner,欢迎发邮件给我:openszone[AT], 大小580 x 205 pixels,jpg格式

4. 软件图标更新,感谢 氾黃鍀郵票

5. 一些BUG修复