What is MAAS? MAAS 是”Metal As A Service”的缩写,是Ubuntu12.04大力推广的自动化部署工具

Hardware that is provisioned through the MAAS can be provisioned dynamically, just like cloud instances – except that we’re talking about the whole physical node. “Add another node to the Hadoop cluster, and make sure it has at least 16GB RAM” is easy with the MAAS. Cloud semantics, in the non-cloud world.

Through a simple web interface or web API you add, commission, update, deploy and recycle physical servers at will. As your needs change, you can respond rapidly, by adding new nodes and dynamically re-deploying them between services. When the time comes, nodes can be retired for use outside the MAAS.

When commissioning a new node, MAAS can take care of hardware-specific tasks such as burn-in tests, firmware and RAID upgrades – and checking whether your hardware is Ubuntu certified. Together with Juju, MAAS makes it easy to turn a network of physical servers into a functioning private cloud.


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